Silpakorn University International

Student Testimonials

Voices from Marco Polo students on their cultural experience in Bangkok, Thailand

Maeva, France:

It is now almost the end of my year in Bangkok, it’s been almost 8 months. I went to Bangkok to do my second year of hotel management school. during these 8 months I visited Bangkok and also travel in Thailand and discover this country. It was my first time outside Europe and in Asia. I found a  very different from my country. I discovered the Buddhism religion and the Asia style of food. It was a good experience to live in a country during few months, like this I could learn about the people, the culture, the way of life and travel around.

Lucie, France:

 Bangkok have two faces, the first of a wise capital where modernity and tradition interweave; and the second of a crazy city who never   sleeps.

Marie, Belgium:

I can say that after all this time leaving in Bangkok, I still have a lot to learn about the diversity of the Thai culture. I’m really happy to know all these new things about the country and about Buddhism, which is very interesting to know. Thailand is amazing and incredible, I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met and the experiences we have shared. Thai people of my class were incredibly welcoming and helpful during the school year.

Frieda, Brazil:

Almost 7 months has passed and I can say that many things happened and many experiences has been lived, I first came to Thailand without knowing much of the country and the culture but I am glad to say that now that I am about the leave I feel that I discover and that I have learnt so many things.

I would like to thank you all the people that have been involved in our journey here in Thailand, the teachers, the staff of Silpakorn and Vatel University, everyone helped to make this experience unforgettable.  I can say for me and for the other Marco Polo students that we are all very happy.



When Birmingham City University first suggested the trip to Thailand, I was slightly apprehensive about it due to the length of time, the distance and also whether I could afford to support myself in another country for such a long period of time. I am so pleased that I chose to ignore my concerns and just dove into the experience. Thailand is such an amazing, eye opening country full of wonderful experiences and welcoming people. Silpakorn University in particular provided such an incredible support system for us, they made us feel at home and also helped us to immerse ourselves in the new culture surrounding us. I could not recommend the trip highly enough, it enables you to embrace independence
and to grow as an individual, both in your personal and public life. I now feel that I can do a lot more than I originally believed was possible and that the world is so much more accessible to me.

Prisca, Mauritius

 ‘As an international student, spending a whole weekend among my lecturers and the other exchange students made me discover much more about Thailand.’


Marisol, Mexico

 ‘There always was a friendly ambience and we got to know new people. I’m looking forward to doing another trip like that.’


Solène, France

 ‘The overall weekend had a little bit of everything. We saw wonderful nature, we laughed a lot with friends and we have had a great time together.’

Internship feedbacks

Mathias, France

My internship is going really well, I enjoy working in this hotel. I have a lot a responsibility and I have to face everyday a new challenge. It is nice to see Bangkok in a different way by working here, and to keep discovering the Thaï culture and language.

I hope you are also going good.

I miss thai classes, it was so helpful and fun !



Marie, Belgium

Marie Vincent a Marco Polo student from Vatel Brussels is interning at SALA Phuket. She tells us a little bit about her experience so far on internship at this luxury resort:
‘I am really enjoying my internship at SALA Phuket; my colleagues are super nice and the resort is very relaxing and peaceful.
As a management trainee in the F&B and FO in a 5-star resort, I am really considered as a member of staff even though I am the only foreigner. My job position is really great; I like how the management team combine FO and F&B training, which gives me interesting tasks to do all day long and helps improve my skills quite a lot. I also keep learning about Thai culture and language every day.